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What is the thickness of the qualified vacuum bag?

2020-07-25 09:04:19

Today, the editor will analyze the thickness of qualified vacuum bags for you: the range of vacuum bags is very wide. With the changes in production technology and materials, the thickness problem has gradually emerged. The thickness of the vacuum bags produced by many manufacturers is too large, resulting in unacceptable consumers after entering the market. Aluminum-plated vacuum bag

In fact, production must follow a basic principle, that is, its thickness should not be too thick. In terms of appearance, there are two types: transparent and opaque. Transparent means that the food inside can be seen from the outside, while the food inside is not visible from the outside if it is opaque.

The production of vacuum bags must pay attention to the appropriate thickness, that is, it should not be too thick or too thin. If it is too thin, it will not have the protective effect of the packaging. It will easily be damaged if it is torn by external forces. In addition, if the inside is too thin For foods that are wrapped with oil, the oil will penetrate from the inside to the outside, which is equivalent to affecting its quality. In addition, a vacuum bag that is too thin is greatly affected by the environment, and it is easy to decompose under the sun and rain. Its thickness must be strictly controlled.


A vacuum bag that is too thick also has many disadvantages. Too thick is easier to affect the shelf life of the food, which means it can shorten the storage time of the food, and the food has a shelf life, but this kind of vacuum bag will make the actual shelf life Does not match the quality of the food. In addition, it is very harmful to the environment, and it will not rot and dissipate after many years. This is inconsistent with the proposal to promote energy conservation and environmental protection, and it is not a supported environmental product.

In short, the thickness of the vacuum bag should not be too thick or too thin. Only those with moderate thickness can be used. When purchasing, people should choose according to actual needs. Don't choose blindly. When purchasing, they should look at its quality and design, and then make a choice. Otherwise, it would be more than a loss to choose the product you want.



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