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Reasons for damage to packaging film

2021-01-18 09:43:38

With the development of the transportation industry, more and more packaging films are used. In addition, they are also used in other fields. The product is versatile and has good flexibility. But if it is because of improper operation in the later stage, it will also cause damage to the product. So, let's introduce the main reasons for product damage below.

1. Improper transportation protection: It means that if the outer packaging box is damaged during the transportation of the packaging film, the edges of the product will be worn, so that it is prone to breakage during use, which seriously affects its use The effect is that when the goods are packed, the damaged parts will also be torn, making it impossible to pack the goods.

2. Improper use: It means that the packaging film machine is not fixed well, and the extra parts will scratch the surface of the film, so that the product will also be damaged. Then, if the packaging temperature of the product is too high or the working environment is too high, it will cause the product itself to start to soften, and it will also cause the product to break.

The above is the analysis of the reasons for the damage to the packaging film. In short, the main reason for the damage to the product in the later period is from the transportation and improper use. The later standard operation is very important, we must pay attention to the protective measures whether in the process of transportation or use.



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