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Reasons for insufficient transparency of heat shrinkable film

2021-01-18 09:45:32

The flexibility of the heat shrinkable film is relatively good, it can resist impact and is not easily damaged, and its gloss is also relatively good from the appearance. Advantages We will find that the transparency of the product is insufficient and cannot reach the standard value we want, so why is this? Let's analyze the reasons for this. Heat shrinkable bag

Aluminum-plated vacuum bag


1. The entrance temperature of the drying tunnel is too high or there is no temperature gradient, the entrance temperature is too high, and the drying is too fast, so that the solvent on the surface of the glue layer will quickly evaporate and the surface will be skinned. Then when the heat penetrates into the glue layer, The solvent vaporizes and breaks through the film to form a ring like a volcanic vent, which makes the heat shrinkable film opaque.

2. There is a problem with the rubber roller or the scraper, and it cannot be pressed at a certain point, forming a neutral position and opaque.

3. There is too much dust in the air in the production environment, and there is dust in the hot air blown into the drying tunnel after gluing.

4. The amount of heat shrinkable film glue is insufficient, there are blank spaces, and small air bubbles are trapped, causing mottling or opacity. Check the glue amount to make it sufficient and even.



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