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Label printing skills

2021-01-18 11:26:09

1. High speed is the development direction of label printing. Rotary printing machine will become the main production method of label printing. Heat shrinkable film in Europe, America, Japan and other regions. Flat flat and round flat label printing equipment has been basically eliminated. And as the application range of rotary label printing equipment becomes wider and wider in China, the market for rotary label printing machines will expand.

Aluminum-plated vacuum bag

2. Ideal for flat, convex, flexible and net combined printing machines: due to the diversified requirements of label products in terms of beauty, anti-counterfeiting and individualization, the advantages of various printing methods are a good choice to reflect the printing effect. Therefore, there will be more and more designs and applications of combined printing presses with flat, convex, flexible and net functions. This is also the development direction of label equipment manufacturers.

Heat shrinkable film

3. The online post-press processing is further expanded: the online post-press processing unit includes round knife die cutting, punching, indentation, hot stamping, laminating, embossing, compounding, gluing, folding, sheet cutting, and dividing Strips, etc., and the post-press processing unit can be flexibly combined to provide a variety of high-speed, reel-type automatic post-press processing methods.

4. New tags enrich the tag market: the development of radio frequency tags and in-mold tag technologies will lead to the rise of related markets, such as the demand for materials and equipment. In addition, there are many application areas that cannot be ignored, such as expressway tickets, airplane boarding passes, admission tickets, visit tickets, etc., which are all label products that should attract the attention of printing companies.

5. Digital printing joins the ranks of label printing: With the continuous maturity of digital printing technology and the gradual expansion of application areas, especially the emergence of post-press processing units that are matched with digital printing systems, the development of digital label printing machines is just around the corner.

6. Special technology is a supplement to label printing: Screen printing can express special effects, such as three-dimensional effect and matte effect, which can improve the grade of labels, but it is often not taken seriously. The emergence of high technology such as holographic hot stamping, cold stamping, and laser die-cutting has also brought many ideas to printing houses and equipment manufacturers.



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