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PET plastic steel belt

2021-01-21 14:24:18
PET plastic steel belt


PET strapping is a kind of polyester strapping made of PET as the main raw material and extruded and unidirectionally stretched. It is the most popular new environmentally friendly packaging material that replaces steel straps, steel wires, and heavy-duty PP straps. Heat-shrinkable film PET strapping is a very versatile plastic environmental protection strapping. PET strapping has been produced in China for more than 20 years. Since 2002, China’s demand for PET strapping has grown at an annual rate of 500%, and it is now widely used in wood, paper, steel, aluminum ingots, steel pipes, profiles, glass, building materials, ceramics, electrical appliances, and metal products. , Tobacco, chemical fiber, cotton and other industries. The appearance is transparent (opaque after adding the adhesion promoter), the surface is flat or has prismatic patterns.


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