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Three-dimensional (square) heat shrinkable bag

2021-01-21 14:08:27
Three-dimensional (square) heat shrinkable bag


Three-dimensional square heat shrinkable bag renderings



Three-dimensional (square) heat shrinkable packaging bag plan


product description

LDPE thermoplastic packaging film (bag), scientific name: low density (high pressure polyethylene) heat shrinkable packaging film (bag), the main raw material is imported raw materials plus a variety of functional additional materials, after extrusion, blow molding , After the heat sealing machine, the film or bag required by the customer is made.

The formation of LDPE thermoplastic packaging bags is divided into: heavy-body packaging square bags; "M" type bags (also known as double-folding bags); and ordinary flat bags and special-shaped bags.

The form of LDPE thermoplastic film is divided into: half-folded coil (tube); single sheet.

The characteristics of LDPE thermoplastic film (bag): non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly; high transparency, good gloss performance, large shrinkage, good heat-sealability; high tensile strength, impact resistance, and high resistance to right-angle tearing; rainproof, Moisture-proof and dust-proof. Packaging costs are lower than cartons and other packaging materials.

The scope of application of LDPE thermoplastic film (bag): food materials, medicines, health products, daily chemical products, toys, electronic products, handicrafts, glass, ceramics, building materials, chemical fibers and refractory materials outer packaging, collective packaging, skin packaging .

Physical and mechanical properties of LDPE thermoplastic film (bag)




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