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Aluminum foil bag manufacturers teach you to choose aluminum foil bags

2021-01-18 09:52:19

How to choose aluminum foil bags? Packaging knowledge is more professional, don't know what kind of aluminum foil bag is suitable for your product? As an aluminum foil bag manufacturer established in 2002, Shenkai Packaging will take you to know some little knowledge and let you know more suitable aluminum foil bags. Three-dimensional aluminum foil bag

One: Specifications and minimum quantities

The two issues that are always involved in the customization of aluminum foil bags are the size and the minimum quantity. In the conversation with the aluminum foil bag manufacturers, I always find that different manufacturers have all the differences in the minimum order quantity of aluminum foil bags. Why is there such a phenomenon? ? This is closely related to the production machinery of aluminum foil bag manufacturers. Some large aluminum foil bag manufacturers have certain requirements for the production machinery width. If the customized quantity is too small, there is no advantage in terms of material loss and production efficiency, so the minimum order quantity There will be an increase. In some small factories, the scale of machinery is very small. On the contrary, the minimum number will be small. However, in comparison, large-scale machinery has more advantages in quality and speed, and large-scale manufacturers will also Relatively reliable.

Heat shrinkable bag

2: The relationship between thickness and material

Thicker thickness does not necessarily mean better quality. If quality problems arise, consider whether the material structure should be changed accordingly, rather than simply increasing the thickness, especially for evacuated aluminum foil bags. How to choose the thickness for different contents can be Consult the staff of Shenkai Packaging.

Three: Printing conditions

Exquisite printing brings consumers a visual impact, so the quality of the printing effect directly affects sales. Everyone values printing. For example, the 12-color overprinting machine of Shenkai Packaging has an overprint error of less than 0.1 and the printing effect The image is lifelike, and it is also printed on-site.

Four: Avoid excessive packaging

How to choose the right packaging for your own products and avoid the increase in additional packaging costs caused by excessive packaging. This requires professional packaging staff to analyze the packaging contents, perform repeated tests on the packaging or take experience of similar products. You want to avoid excessive packaging and reduce packaging costs,



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